Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Style Lasagna

I found this recipe on the myrecipes website. It's a site that has a searchable database for the Cooking Light magazine as well as a few others. This is a Cooking Light recipe. I've modified it a little. I'm going to be lazy here and let you click the link for the recipe.

My changes:
-I used only 3 cups of skim milk, and it worked out perfectly.
-I used a 16 oz. bag of frozen spinach (the store was out of those little 10 oz packages).
-I used fat free ricotta instead of cottage cheese because cottage cheese grosses me out and this is lasagna and there's no reason not to use ricotta.
-I used reduced fat mozzarella cheese
-I added garlic powder to the spinach/white sauce mixture

The husband really, really liked this. I made him a grilled chicken breast to go with it because he is a mega carnivore. He devoured the lasagna first and said it was filling enough by itself because it's so hearty. He didn't even eat the whole piece of chicken.

I liked it too. I do think it needs more seasoning though, even with the added garlic powder. I have been noticing that since I got really sick a few weeks ago that things just don't taste the same anymore so that could be it. Bottom line, taste for seasoning often.

This is a keeper! I love that it is a vegetarian dish that the husband actually likes. I'm thinking about cutting meat out of my diet because I typically don't like it. For those that care, it is 8 WW Points for EIGHT servings. The CL recipe from the link says 12 servings, but I like a big piece of lasagna. :)

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